You will be able to understand the evidence based and unique knowledge from within of each muscles, group of muscles and function and how to use it in your work.

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Mod 1

7th to 11th of November 2023

Mod 2

14th to 18th of February 2024

Mod 3

8th to 12th of May 2024

Mod 4

24th to 28th of July 2024

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The ultimate working tool in the Bodynamic System is the Bodymap, an elaborate and precise chart of both resources and blockages in the client’s body, mapped in terms of patterns of elastic response in the muscles and fascia, and correlated precisely with psychological content. Based on palpation of over 125 muscles (and/or pairs of muscles), the Bodymap is used as a comprehensive aid for evaluating the client’s personality, and offers a unique overall picture of childhood development, Character Structure, and the Ego Functions considered in Bodynamic Analysis. The Bodymap also helps the therapist to project how the client might benefit from different kinds of therapy.

As Bodynamic Analysis evolved, in the early 1970's Lisbeth Marcher and her close team of associates produced and processed approximately 10,000 reports with specific sets of data from therapy sessions involving adults, and parallel observations involving child development. This work was later followed up and refined on the background of the practical experiences of all senior members of the Danish Institute. This basic empirical research forms the foundation of the knowledge we have put into our Bodymap model.

A part of becoming Bodynamic Analyst and able to do precise regressive work into deep early issues with your clients. You will be able to understand the evidence based and unique knowledge from within of each muscles, group of muscles and function and how to use it in your work.

It will enable you to work more structured and long-term with the client and travel through doors in the inner space that lies ahead of consciousness, giving the client a greater understanding of forgotten potentials, patterns and reactions, and seeing how it changes with time.

• Do you sit with a client where you need special attention on PTSD
• Do you sit with an immediately functioning client who has chaos underneath
• Do you sit with someone who has diffuse stress
• Do you have a client with permanent physical injury / injury and need to strengthen equivalent alternative skills.

Full Bodymap will provide the opportunity to find the forgotten resources, the path of chaos and trauma work.
During the modules, the individual muscle's anatomical location, movement, function, and test is presented and trained, as well as the individual participant's ability to sense, assess and decide the test response.
There will also be time for deepening test reading, learning in presentation of tests for a client, how to use it and introduction in
hands on for therapists.

This training is accessible to all Bodynamic Practitioners or those attending the final year of the Bodynamic Practitioner.

Bodynamic Analysis advanced and refined its knowledge of muscle response along with physical and psychological development in childhood to such great extent that a new challenge appeared: innumerable bits of data about the response patterns of individual muscles and of related groups of muscles; the correlations of hundreds of muscle responses in the body; their role in physical and psychological development, as reflected in the Character Structures and Positions, and in the Ego Functions; their effects on the psychotherapy process and progress of adult clients; all that information had become so extremely rich and complex that it required new forms of organization, or else its very richness would make the information unusable to any but a few super-experts.



Head Teacher

Lisbeth Marcher

She is the founder of the Bodynamic System and of Bodynamic International in collaboration with various colleagues.

She is the former director of the Bodynamic System, while now she is the international supervisor for all educational issues. Lisbeth Marcher is the former president of EABP.

Today Lisbeth is part of the Bodynamic international teaching team, and travels to Greece, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Portugal and Denmark.

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  • 1st Payment - Oct 7th 2023
  • 2nd Payment - Jan 21st 2024
  • 3rd Payment: - May 8th 2024
  • 4th Payment - Jun 24th 2024

€ 935 x 4 = € 3.740

Regular Fee

Payment 30 days before training starts:

  • Oct 7th 2023

€ 3.336

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