Besides the completion of the courses Fundamental and Practitioner, you need to successfully pass 7 exams and have done at least the hours of therapy and supervision as described below:

The 7 exams:

  • Fundation:
    1: Foundation - answer a 100 questions' test. Minimum score: 70/100
  • Practitioner:
    2: Own Life story
    3: Psychomotor anatomy exam
    4: Full Bodymap reading exam
    5: Aquarium exam

At level 1, you are a Bodynamic Practitioner and receive proof of participation

6: Self-therapy thesis – (within ½ ano after) optional (*)
7: Client thesis with video supervision – (within 2 years after) optional (*)

The specifics for the final thesis are given to you by your supervisor or your teacher

(*) Costs not included in the value of the course:
Point 6: 200 €
Point 7: 300 € + fee for the supervisor and the examiner of the oral exam - stipulated in the thesis paper

A certified Bodynamic therapist also must have the acquired hours of both Therapy and Supervision described below

At level 2, you are a certified Bodynamic Therapist and receive a diploma

Hours of therapy and supervision:
Within the course are:

  • Total hours (45 min) of therapy during Foundation is 45 and during Practitioner is 109
  • Total hours (45 min) of supervision during Foundation is 37 and during practitioner 121

    Outside of the courses the minimum of hours needed is
    Therapy: 80 x 45 min
    Supervision: 80 x 45 min

Clarifications regarding therapy and supervision hours:

Individual Therapy is carried out by a designated educational therapist and must be at least 80 sessions (each 45 minutes) – and they can be taken individually or in groups. At least 60 sessions must be taken as your own individual therapy (can be done in groups) and 20 sessions can be attendance in others having individual therapy in group.


These therapy sessions should be done with an educational therapist, assigned to your training by Bodynamic International.

In Bodynamic it is recommended to have 90 minutes’ therapy sessions that count as 2 therapy hours. The same applies to supervision hours.

Supervision is carried out by an educational supervisor approved by Bodynamic International. Ideally, the supervisor is not a teacher in training, but this requirement cannot always be met.

The student must receive a minimum of 80 sessions (1 session = 45 minutes).

Basic rule is that you must have 60 sessions of your own cases supervised. At least 20 of the sessions with the supervisor alone, at least 40 sessions in small groups (2-4 participants).

Therapy/Supervision previously received from another approach: if you already have therapy and/or supervision hours from another approach, then you need to ask your main teacher of your Practitioner course. If the teacher decides to count these hours, then maximum of 25% of the study scheme is covered, that is: 20 therapy/supervision sessions.

Video Supervision: this is a pre-requisite for the final certification. 3 hours of duration, specifically about the client of your final thesis. You need to record 2 hours (120 minutes) of sessions, in video, of you working with the client, give it to your supervisor and do 3 hours of supervision regarding it.
This is prerequisite for point 7. Final assignment.