The essential step to be a body therapist
and joining the Bodynamic world and community

Limited spots!


This is a training to be a body therapist.

This training is already being integrated and used in all kinds of bodywork, social work, business consulting and mental health and care professionals who want to expand their knowledge and precision by learning the muscles coding system.

This training holds the standards that are required by EABP
(European Association of Body Psychotherapy).

It is also doubly certified:
DGERT certification at a national level and Bodynamic certification at an international level.

Topics covered in the Practitioner training:

  • In depth coverage of all 11 Ego Functions and their sub functions
  • Further deepening of the 21 developmental positions and 7 character structures + Perinatal and Adolescence and Puberty
  • The 5 Ego Aspects and how to work with them
  • The Full Bodyknot and how it facilitates building an Observing Ego
  • Learn to read and analyze the whole Bodymap
    -Identify resources
    -Identify Trauma
    -Formulate a therapy plan
  • The F8 model on Group Dynamics (the 8 group functions are similar to ego functions)
  • The jukebox layer model of macro to micro issues in society
  • Conflict resolution & negotiation
  • How to do Bodynamic therapy
  • Trans-marginal effects – flipping to extremes under stress
  • Basics in how to touch and sense hypo, and hyper muscles
  • Demo sessions by instructors
  • Practice sessions done in triads
  • Intro to Ditte’s Bodyreading. Learn how to interpret holding patterns, gait, twists and asymmetries in body posture
  • Learn how to use Body reading in therapy
  • Learn basic understanding around Developmental Trauma, Shock trauma and PTSD/ Complex PTDS
  • Adolescence and puberty as a developmental stage – core decisions, prefrontal cortex conscious identity formation
  • Personal life history and environmental/societal impacts on development
  • Psychopathology from a Bodynamic perspective – Narcissism and Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Lisbeth’s famous Energy Exercises: ex. center line breathing
  • “Hands On” – Bodynamic massage techniques


13 modules x 6 days
(Total: 78 days, throughout 3 years and 3 months)

Classes are from 10AM to 6PM every day

Language: English, with the possibility of simultaneous translation to Portuguese,
if minimum number of students interested in receiving translation is met

1st Year

Module 1
21-26 jun 2022

  • Bodynamic's vision on Humans and theory and affiliations
  • Bodynamic's history
  • Go through the most important work models
  • Bodyknot
  • Basic exercises
  • Mirroring and imitating
  • Basic anatomy
  • Forming work groups

Module 2
11-16 oct 2022

  • Life forms
  • Life story: students tell part of their Life story in the whole group
  • Psychological developmental anatomy:
    -Ego-function: Positioning
  • Attach Character Structures with ego-functions

Module 3
23-28 feb 2023

  • Process Module
  • How to do Bodynamic therapy
  • Transference/counter transference
  • Psychological developmental anatomy:
    -Ego-function: Centering
  • Bodymap reading introduction

Module 4
13-18 jun 2023

  • Delivery of Life Story paper
  • Psychological developmental anatomy:
    -Ego-function: Boundaries
    -Ego-function: Energy Management
  • Therapy training and demo-therapy
  • Basic test + Hands On
  • Self-evaluation
  • Evaluation:
    Handing in Life Story Paper

    Cost: 100 € FREE

2nd Year

Module 5
5-10 sep 2023

  • Psychological developmental anatomy:
    Ego-function: Grounding and Reality Testing
    Ego-function: Conectedness
  • Bodymap reading
  • Aquarium

Module 6
9-14 jan 2024

  • Group process
  • Ethics
  • Contract Work

Module 7
19-24 apr 2024

  • Psychological developmental anatomy:
    Ego-function: Cognitive Skills
    Ego-function: Patterns of interpersonal skills
  • Bodymap reading - Test training
  • Aquarium

Module 8
16-21 jul 2024

  • Psychological developmental anatomy:
    -Ego-function: Social Balance
    -Ego-function: Self Assertion
  • Therapy training and demo-therapy

3rd Year

Module 9
29 oct-3 nov 2024

  • Psychological developmental anatomy:
    -Ego-function: Gender skills
  • Integration of Ego-functions, Ego-aspects og Character Structures

Module 10
11-16 feb 2025

  • Exam in psychomotoric Anatomy
  • Psycho pathology and evidence-based research
  • Hands on
  • Work with groups
  • Analzying Bodymaps
  • Aquarium

Module 11
13-18 may 2025

  • Puberty
  • Negotiation exercise
  • Bodyknot + F8 (MC 3/3)
  • Therapy training w. supervision
  • Aquarium

Module 12
16-21 sep 2025

  • Bodymap reading exam
  • Aquarium - therapy exam

Module 13
4-9 nov 2025

  • Finishing tasks and evaluation

Those interested in attaining certification and diploma by Bodynamic should, in addition, complete the two thesis mentioned in the page "Path to Body Psychoterapist".


Tina Janken Tage

Tina is a Certified Bodynamic Therapist, specialist in Shock Trauma and International Teacher from Denmark.

Tina does individual therapy in Denmark and online.  In addition to Bodynamic she is educated in NLP, NADA and has a diploma in Psychology.

Her life before kids was very different (she worked as a ship broker in Denmark, Norway and England), but becoming a mother of two boys 15 years ago changed her focus.

She has taught parenting skills, worked with women who recently has given birth, led a project that physically and psychologically supports overweight children. She has also physically trained prison inmates, and supervises prison guards in their daily contact with inmates.

Ditte Marcher

Daugher of Bodynamic's founder, Ditte has been a member of Bodynamic since 1994. Ditte is a Bodynamic therapist and supervisor and has coordinated and taught in the Fundamental course since 1995, as well as having been a senior teacher in the practical trainings since 2003.

She is one of the creators of Bodynamic's approach to shock, having profoundly influenced this system with her concepts of Dignity, Me and different layers of feelings.

She is responsible for Bodynamic training in the US, Canada, Russia, Bielorussia, Ukraine, Japan, Greece, Holand and Brasil and she was Bodynamic's CEO from 2008 to 2019. She held the position of president of EABP's forum committee.

Kalliopi Zorzou

Kalliopi is a Bodynamic educational therapist, supervisor and teacher and a can do Full Bodymaps


She has studied and is certified in Counseling Skills, Personal Coaching Practitioner (PCP), NLP and Gold Counseling. She also has also studied in Analytical Cognitive therapy, Gestalt therapy, Hypnotherapy and has a Diploma in Systemic Thinking and Practice.

Kalliopi has been working as an Integrative psychotherapist in a private practice since 2004. She is a member of PESOPS (Greek Association of Body Psychotherapy).

Kristina Vasiljevaite

Kristina’s work has  consisted of individual therapy for several years, making Basic Bodymaps – now Full Bodymaps, the diagnostic tool used in Bodynamic approach, assisting and co-teaching in different workshops and educational programs of Bodynamic (like masterclasses and the Foundation training). She was also a translator in the Bodynamic Shock and Trauma Training.

Kristina is coordinator of trainings and workshops in Holland and will be teaching at several of the modules and she develops and organizes her own training’s with different themes using Bodynamic principles in Rotterdam. At the same time she is  a volunteer in the shelter home for women who experienced domestic violence.

She started with an education in Pedagogy, later enrolling in psychology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She has done many additional training’s in things like ‘Rebirthing’, Psychoanalysis and completed education as a gestalt therapist. She speaks English, Dutch, Lithuanian and Russian.

Wolfgang Brandt

Wolfgang got in contact, in his first career as a banker, with spirituality, movement arts and bodypsychotherapy. These became his main interests, which he followed the last 30 years. In 2000 he became a natural health professional with a state license for psychotherapy (HPG).

After working 7 years in a clinic for Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, he opened  his private practice for bodypsychotherapy in Dresden, Germany and worked as a trainer for bodyoriented psychotherapy. Beside years of experience in humanistic therapy, he has been trained in  NLP, Qigong, Feldenkrais ® and Somatic Experiencing®.

Finding Bodynamic in 2012 allowed him to integrate his main interests in a way, which was not possible before.  He is a Bodynamic therapist since 2017.

Admission Criteria
to Body Psychoterapist


There are two types of investment available for you:
you can choose between yearly or monthly payment.


Most comfortable option

300 € registration
235 € monthly value

You can phase your investment in up to
40 payments. Payments take place each month via direct debit

Date of 1st payment: May 21st 2022
Date of 40th payment: August 21st 2025

Total of 9700 €
Registration (300 €) +
40 months (9400 €)


Most economical option

300 € registration
2810 € yearly value

Most advantageous investment (10% discount), done in 3 payments

Deadline of 1st payment: May 21st 2022
Deadline of 2nd payment: December 9th 2023
Deadline of 3rd payment: January 11th 2025

Total of 8730 €
Registration (300 €) + 3 annuities (8430 €)